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Gilles Lorin | Platinum prints EN

Gilles Lorin, Transience.jpg

Gilles Lorin | Platinum prints

26.09. - 21.12.2018

Artist talks:                                 15/10/2018 | 5 pm RSVP                 11/22/2018 | 5 pm RSVP

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Gilles Lorin | Platinum prints

Kunsthandel Jörg Maaß will show a selection of works by Gilles Lorin. This Artist photographer and printmaker works with historical and traditional techniques; he carefully choses each process, precious metal and paper, conscious that only such requisite will lead to transcendence. Whether it is a portrait in platinum-palladium or his exquisite works on pure gold-leaf, Gilles Lorin captures the soul and essence of the subject, shielding it magnificently from the flight of time.

"Gilles Lorin's platinum palladium photographs are the equal of any contemporary
photographers using this medium today. He is fearless in his imagination, a Master of the
Platinum Palladium process.
" Martin Axon

We will show a selection of more than 30 works in our gallery. The Exhibition is divided into different groups such as Memento Mori & Classical studies, Divin, Flower still lifes and Portraits. During the Exhibition the Artist will talk about his works and his techniques. There will also be an exhibition-catalogue.